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It's all about the pumpkins...

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

My Instagram feed is full to bursting with crocheted pumpkins at the moment. I've shied away from joining in, ever since my first attempt at a pumpkin which turned out to be on the obscene side of phallic. But, I thought, my crochet skills have improved since then, so I should be able to produce something more pumpkin-y than enormous cock and balls-y. (It's all about the stalk to fruit ratio...) So, here's my attempt, part of my magnificent autumn display ("magnificent" displays are a standing joke in our household). Can you tell which mine is?

If you'd like to make one for yourself, they are incredibly easy. Just remember that stalk/fruit ratio if you want something you can proudly display in front of the whole family.

I used super chunky KnitCraft acrylic for this one, and a size 10 hook.

Chain 17, then treble crochet in the 3rd chain from the hook and to the end. Chain 2 and turn. You can treble in the back loop only if you want a more ridged effect.

I think I did about 15 rows, and stopped with a a few feet of yarn left in the ball.

Sew a running stitch along the length of your work and pull tight to gather and make the bottom of your pumpkin. Sew up the side and then stuff with whatever you have to hand. er

Gather up the top of your pumpkin as you did at the bottom, and then pass the needle all the way through the middle of him and out of his bottom. Pull the yarn as tight as you can and create the ridges by wrapping the yarn from bottom to top and through the middle - around 6 times is enough unless you're a total masochist. Knot tightly to prevent a saggy pumpkin and stick a stick in the top for the stalk. Ta-dah!

There are thousands of better instructions out there to make lovely pumpkins. Just try not to end up with one like this specimen below...

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